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Article in The Corsair for "In Memory of Water" and "Onward" Opening Night at La Luz De Jesus Gallery.

Michele Melcher

When we went out to LA for the opening of Matthew Couper’s solo show, “In Memory of Water”, and the group show, “Onward”, that my work is featured in, I did a short interview with local news outlet “The Corsair”. You can read The Corsair here. Many thanks to artist, Matthew Couper, Billy and Matthew at La Luz De Jesus and writer, Stan Misraje for the link. Photos courtesy of Glenn Zuchman.

“The Final Aspersion” by Matthew Couper

“The Final Aspersion” by Matthew Couper

“Man With Hat”, by Michele Melcher

“Man With Hat”, by Michele Melcher

West Coast and East Coast May Show Recaps!

Michele Melcher

It’s been a busy week of travel to LA and and then onto Buffalo, New York for two back to back show openings. “Onward” opened at La Luz De Jesus gallery in LA on May 3d and runs until June 2nd. It was an amazing experience to have had the opportunity to go out there and meet the the people running the gallery as well as some of the other artists.

'“Transcendence”, a three artist show that I am in, opened this past Friday at Revolution Gallery in Buffalo, NY. The show is up until June 14th. We had the pleasure of seeing some familiar faces from the last time I showed at the gallery and got to spend a little time with those folks over the weekend.

Both of the shows and galleries have top notch art in them and it’s super inspiring to see it all. If you are in LA or Buffalo, please stop in and see the shows in person. If not, check out the links above. There are so many artist peers whose work that I have admired for years from afar on Instagram, websites and the like, it’s such an honor to be invited to the party. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

As an artist, you are never “done”. You are always absorbing and learning and evolving. Some things work out and some things do not - but you are always pushing forward. I am SO GRATEFUL to all the curators, gallerists, artists, collectors and art fans who I’ve met in person or online the past couple of months that have taken notice, shared, promoted and purchased my work. Thank you for lifting me up. There’s a lot more to come.

Scroll below to see some highlights from the LA trip and the Buffalo trip.

Opening night at  La Luz De Jesus

Opening night at La Luz De Jesus

My Deadmasters painting, “The Officer”,  available at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

My Deadmasters painting, “The Officer”, available at La Luz De Jesus Gallery

A familiar face at the Getty Museum.

A familiar face at the Getty Museum.

Opening night at  Revolution Gallery

Opening night at Revolution Gallery

LOOK AT ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!! 2019 Show schedule.

Michele Melcher

“The Artist” - Deadmasters by Michele Melcher after “The Artist Anne Vallayer-Coster” by Alexander Roslin (b. 1718 d.1793)

“The Artist” - Deadmasters by Michele Melcher after “The Artist Anne Vallayer-Coster” by Alexander Roslin (b. 1718 d.1793)

Welcome to my 2019 art show schedule! Some of the dates are subject to change and I will update them as soon as I have the correct information from the galleries.

January 19 - March 9. “After Dark”. Gristle Gallery Brooklyn, NY

March (tbt) - “Laluzapalooza #33”. La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles California

April 5-26. “Wonderkin”. WOWxWOW gallery (online)

April 6. “Flora and Fetish” Hudson Hughes gallery (online)

April 29-May 24. “Centuries of Decay” Memento Tea Gallery (online)

May 10. “3 person show” (TBA) Revolution Gallery, Buffalo NY

June 7-28. “Fistfuls of Sky”. WOWxWOW gallery (online)

July 13. “Phantasms”. Gristle Art Gallery Brooklyn, NY

Sonic Splendor 2 opens at Revolution Gallery and other show news!

Michele Melcher

I've been pretty lax with updating my site and blog lately but wanted to announce some good new! I'm so excited to be a part of Sonic Splendor 2 - group show, at Revolution Gallery. My contribution to the show is an oil painting titled, "Space Oddity", which is my tribute to the late great David Bowie. The show opens this Friday, August 3rd 8-11 PM. The address for the gallery is 1419 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo NY. I will be in attendance, so if you are there stop in and say hello! The piece also made it into a quick little feature in the Centerfold section of The Daily Public this week.

Space Oddity by Michele Melcher

Space Oddity by Michele Melcher

In other news - painting painting painting has been pretty much all that's been happening happening happening around here and that's why I haven't kept up with posting lately. There are a lot of great shows that I'm honored to be a part of this year with more shows lining up for 2019. So yeah - I'd better paint!

Opening this Fall:

Sonic Splendor 2 - group show. Friday August 3rd- September 1st. Revolution Gallery, Buffalo NY.

Cult of Meow 2 - group show. Brooklyn NY. Saturday, Sept 8th - October 13th. Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Poisons and Antidotes - group show. Friday, September 7th - October 28. Black Moth Tattoo and Art Gallery, Ardmore PA

All These Witches - Group Show. Friday, October 5th- Jan 2nd. Crucible Gallery

Killing Jar - Group Show. Saturday, October 20 - November 17. Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Trading Card Art Show - Group Show. Saturday, December 1st - January 12th. Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn NY






2018 Gallery Shows

Michele Melcher


As you may know, I have been participating in gallery shows along side my illustration work for some time now. I wanted to give a heads up on the galleries that I am working with so far this year. It is only March and there are some other events that are currently in the works so this list will change and I will update it as soon as I have more information. Thank you!


"SWEET SHOP" - Opening 5/12/18 Gristle Gallery, NY


"CULT OF MEOW II" - Opening 9/8/18 Gristle Gallery, NY


"KILLING JAR" - Opening 10/20/18 Gristle Gallery, NY

"All These Witches" - Opening 10/5/18, Crucible Gallery

"TBA" - PRIMER Gallery, Lambertville NJ


"Trading Card Art Show II" - Opening 12/1/18, Gristle Gallery NY