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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


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Sonic Splendor 2 opens at Revolution Gallery and other show news!

Michele Melcher

I've been pretty lax with updating my site and blog lately but wanted to announce some good new! I'm so excited to be a part of Sonic Splendor 2 - group show, at Revolution Gallery. My contribution to the show is an oil painting titled, "Space Oddity", which is my tribute to the late great David Bowie. The show opens this Friday, August 3rd 8-11 PM. The address for the gallery is 1419 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo NY. I will be in attendance, so if you are there stop in and say hello! The piece also made it into a quick little feature in the Centerfold section of The Daily Public this week.

Space Oddity by Michele Melcher

Space Oddity by Michele Melcher

In other news - painting painting painting has been pretty much all that's been happening happening happening around here and that's why I haven't kept up with posting lately. There are a lot of great shows that I'm honored to be a part of this year with more shows lining up for 2019. So yeah - I'd better paint!

Opening this Fall:

Sonic Splendor 2 - group show. Friday August 3rd- September 1st. Revolution Gallery, Buffalo NY.

Cult of Meow 2 - group show. Brooklyn NY. Saturday, Sept 8th - October 13th. Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Poisons and Antidotes - group show. Friday, September 7th - October 28. Black Moth Tattoo and Art Gallery, Ardmore PA

All These Witches - Group Show. Friday, October 5th- Jan 2nd. Crucible Gallery

Killing Jar - Group Show. Saturday, October 20 - November 17. Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn NY

Trading Card Art Show - Group Show. Saturday, December 1st - January 12th. Gristle Gallery, Brooklyn NY






The neglected sketchbook

Michele Melcher

Musician, Chelsea Wolfe

Musician, Chelsea Wolfe

Wolves hunting. Study in fear.

Wolves hunting. Study in fear.

Sketching is such an important process in creating an illustration and I admit, I neglect to do it enough. When deadlines are rushed and my calendar is filled up with due dates- it's too easy (and many times a necessity) to do quick thumbnails and move on. One of my goals going into the new year is to make more time for myself to sketch more and develop ideas more thoroughly before having to jump into a finished work. I actually really like the whole sketching process and I miss doing it more!

OK, maybe that will not be possible for some projects - especially those that have next-day turnarounds -  but hopefully I'll be sketching more for some of my more personal work and promotional material.  I have a TON of ideas and sometimes not enough time to develop them more. I just posted some new and months-old sketches up in the online sketchbook - that you might not even know exists. Some things are sketched digitally, others with good old fashioned pencil and paper. Check it out, it's a nice collection. I hope to be able to get back to some of these ideas soon. Until next time...