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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


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The Girl's Guide to Football Season

Michele Melcher

Fly Eagles Fly....

Fly Eagles Fly....

Ever been invited to watch the big game (that you don't really know anything about?) Yup, me too! This spot that I did for the November Issue of Main Line Today shows how many of us really feel while everyone else is hooting and hollering at the TV. The article gives a quick run down of basic to know facts and stats like who is the quarterback, their jersey number, what they do, when they'll play and where is the best place on the Main Line to watch the game.

Many thanks to Cristela at Main Line Today for the art direction!

A Couch Surfer's Guide to the Shore

Michele Melcher

Invite Only

Invite Only

I did this fun little illustration for the "End of the Line" section in the August issue of Main Line Today for the article, "A Couch Surfer's Guide to the Shore - How to Mooch Your Way into the Good Graces of Your More Fortunate Friends", by Katie Bambi-Kholer.  The story entails a list of what (and what not) to do list to get yourself on the invite list to your friend's seaside vacation rental.

It's the perfect light read during some recent heavy summer weather and news headlines.  I had a good time dreaming up the tiny seaside getaway of my imagination for this one - a nice little escape from everything. I can almost feel the ocean breezes as I sit here and melt in my second floor studio.

Check out the article below for some tips on getting your summertime mooch on! A special shout out and thank you to Cristela at Main Line Today for Art Direction.


A Fun A Week.

Michele Melcher

Have you ever met one of those people whose face looks like it would crack if they smiled? Or one of those super serious people who can't laugh at themselves and always seem to have a stick up their butt? I am convinced that these unhappy people are like that because they can't remember when was the last time that they had any fun.

It is no secret to those who know me that I have a "fun cup" that needs filling on a regular basis. People tend to forget and some even scoff at the idea of how important it actually is to have fun. "I don't have the time"  or "that's too expensive" are very popular excuses along with the fear of being judged and perceived as being childish or silly.

The truth is, fun feeds the soul. It fuels creativity, inspires adventure and can cause an overall sense of well-being.  Fun can be anything. It doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Of course, if you have the cash to take a fancy trip to a far off land then, by all means, have at it! But you can always make your own fun. My idea of fun might be different than what you consider fun, but the possibilities are endless. Build a bonfire with some friends, go for a hike in the snow, take a day trip to a place that you have been wanting to visit, etc.

"But it's easy when you don't have kids" - yes and no. I might be kid-free but that does not mean that I'm any less busy than you are! So go do something fun with your kids! They will thank you for it! And hey, if they whine and complain, they'll get over it. I know many people who do fun family activities almost every weekend and I'm not talking about those kid-centric/bored parent canned "fun" activities. Use your imagination and go do something that you think is awesome!

Deadlines, responsibilities and other obligations sometimes leave me with no time for fun. Hey, it's unavoidable - it happens to everyone. But have you noticed that after a too long constant grind that you get cranky? Uninspired? Blah? When this happens my concentration and creativity begin to suffer. That's when I know it is time to top off the fun cup!

Ready to take on the mountain!

Ready to take on the mountain!

From now on I am making a point to try and make time for "a fun a week". It can be anything. Two weeks ago I went to see an absolutely crazy metal band that I like. Last week I tried snowboarding, loved the challenge and now I have something new to learn. See how it works? Fun inspires you to live your life and try new things. The world is a big place, and there is a lot of living to do. I'm off to a good start!