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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


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10 Commandments for a Healthy Holiday Season - Philadelphia Magazine

Michele Melcher

Well, we are now into November and daylight savings time ended yesterday so the season of indulgence is drawing nigh! Here's a fun piece that I did for Philly Mag to accompany the article, "10 Commandments for a Healthy Holiday Season", by Adjua Fisher. So celebrate, have that cheesecake...but don't forget the cardio! As always, a big shout out to Alyse for the Art Direction!


The Couch Crusher - Illustration for Men's Health Magazine

Michele Melcher

I recently had the opportunity to do this funny illustration for the April issue of Men's Health Magazine. Every month there is a column featuring exercises with how-to technical instructions accompanied by an illustration. This set of moves is called the "couch crusher" and you can do them while you are watching TV. Fear not if you have become one with your sofa while binge-watching Star Trek during the cold winter months - you can get ripped and never miss an episode! Just make sure that you don't freak out the dog break any furniture while your at it ;) 

Thanks to Robert and Pete for the Art Direction!