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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


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Charity poster art for Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation

Michele Melcher

I did this charity poster artwork for Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation 12th annual Dog Walk, which is coming up on Saturday, August 5th. The rescue is dedicated to saving and placing lost and abandoned pets in Haywood County, North Carolina. All proceeds from the Dog Walk benefit the shelter. I know it is a "dog" walk, but I had to sneak a kitten in there. How else would you keep all of the dogs organized? ;)

CARNIVORE week 4 - Felis Catus

Michele Melcher

There are more than 70 domestic cat breeds and unlimited mixed breeds.  Cats are valued world wide by humans as one of the most popular pets and hunters of vermin. They are prolific breeders and it is important to spay and neuter pets as well as feral colonies to prevent overpopulation and the consequent suffering of the animals. Contact your local animal shelter or favorite rescue to donate and support their work or adopt a great cat friend into your family!