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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


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"Tis the Season - Do We Really Take the Time to Enjoy Each Other?

Michele Melcher


Here is an illustration that I just did for the December issue of Main Line Today. The article describes how the stress of the holidays - deadlines, shopping, forced-fun holiday work functions, family events etc. can actually make you question whether or not you are really enjoying your time spent together. 

I thought a fun take on the story would be to show the "The Family Holiday Dinner", with many of the different personalities that might be in attendance. There are the misbehaving children, disengaged surly teenagers, the wine snob relative who knows everything, the relative who always starts a political rant, the annoyed relative who doesn't want to be there in the first place, the host who is just trying to make everyone happy and good old grandma, just smiling and taking it all in.

Personally, I really do enjoy the holidays. I love seeing friends and getting together with family who live far away. I like the decorations, the parties, the food, giving and (of course!) receiving gifts! I know that there will always be snafus with the whirlwind of activity that can get annoying and understand that some people really do not enjoy the season because of any list of reasons. Anyway, I hope that you all have a good holiday. Or at least fake having a good one. Or maybe just fly off to Anguilla and avoid the whole thing! :)

PS - I was definitely the disengaged surly teenager. Happy Holidays!

Thank you 2015!

Michele Melcher

Vintage holiday deer art - unknown artist.

Vintage holiday deer art - unknown artist.

Every year I reflect back on the past 12 months and compare December to December. 2015 has been great and I'm thankful that I am able to work as an illustrator. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that I've had to work with so many wonderful people this past year.  I'm proud of the work that has been done.

I have been thinking about and working on some new creative projects when I have had time in between assignments. I don't have a timeline because my schedule changes weekly but in the coming months I hope to be able to share some of this new work with you! I'm looking forward to 2016 and where this creative adventure road will take me.

Whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, I wish you all a happy healthy winter holiday and a prosperous New Year. Lets grab 2016 by the horns and go for a ride!