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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


The Brawling Broadcaster - for Columbus Monthly.

Michele Melcher



I was asked by Columbus Monthly to illustrate an article for their May issue titled, "The Brawling Broadcaster", which is about an incident that took place between sportscaster, Jeff Rimer and (before he was) baseball legend, Pete Rose, in 1984. Apparently, Rimer had said something negative on the air about the Montreal Expos (Rose's team at the time) playing season which led to a radio show argument that later escalated into a locker room tiff.

My task was to illustrate the described moment of the scuffle, with boxing-gloved teammates egging on Rose as he puts the much less imposing Jeff Rimer in a head lock. I'm not sure if I drew the event EXACTLY how it went down but it was fun to exaggerate and try and capture the moment. From what I read there was a public apology by Rose the next day and so everything ended up OK in the end. Special thanks to Betsy at Columbus Monthly for the art direction.