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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


Distracted by Technology

Michele Melcher



I did this illustration a while back and was so busy with other projects that I neglected to write a post about it. The topic is too good not to write about (or at least vent about). Don't get me wrong, I love technology that makes my life easier. I can mostly work from anywhere these days if I really need to.  I can let people know where I am or if I'm running late. I use the GPS on my phone if I need directions. I can look up what restaurants are good and bad when I want to dine out. My business has increased threefold over the past few years since because of it and so on.

But look around you. Actually, look at the person next to you. Is that dinner with your date or with your phone? And those annoying people in front of you in the checkout line at the grocery store who are too busy on the phones that they aren't paying attention to the cashier... they are holding everyone up! Watching TV with your spouse while you both simultaneously check your phones (I'm guilty). TEXTING AND DRIVING. Oh, and one of my favorite peeves - groups of teens, actually, herds of them hanging out together and EVERY ONE OF THEM is on a device of some sort, not really engaging with the person who is next to them. Maybe an occasional grunt in between a flurry of tapping but no physical speaking or practicing of actual conversational or social skills beyond emojis going on there.  The list goes on.

We are so engrossed in our devices that we don't even appreciate what is going on around us in real time. How many of you have been on vacation taking so many selfies that you missed the whole reason that you went to a new place? How many of you have gone to a concert where so many people are taking crappy blurry photos and videos of the band that you cant even see the stage beyond the screens held up in front of your face? It's disturbing and it's laughable and it's sad all at the same time.

Being distracted has become what we are. Don't let it become who you are.