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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


Power Hungry - Illustration for Baltimore Magazine

Michele Melcher

Power Hungry

Power Hungry

I just did this funny little illustration for the November issue of Baltimore Magazine. The article, written by Jane Marion, is titled "Power Hungry" and it's about the politics of the presidential palate. You can read it on page 224.

The specs were to include Trump and Clinton as well as nominees from times past eating some really weird (and sometimes gross) combinations: Lincoln chowing down on chicken fricassee, Nixon eating cottage cheese and ketchup (barf!) Trump enamored with a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich (I thought he was more of a Big Mac kind of guy - eye roll) Clinton and hot peppers/Sriracha, George W. noshing on some shrimp and cheesy grits and Jefferson spooning up a cup of crème brûlée. There were a lot of figures to draw in a tiny spaceso I went with a dinner scene adding a little current political climate humor into the mix. There may even be some tiny hands and thieving going on among the dinner conversation. I don't know, what do you think? :) Check it out some details below.

A shout out and big thank you to Stephanie at Baltimore Mag for the art direction!

Go ahead Hillary, you earned it!