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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


Am I tired of it yet?

Michele Melcher

That's me in disguise.

That's me in disguise.

"So are you tired of it yet?"

I have actually had people ask me that question about drawing and The Unselfie Project. I don't get offended by questions like it though because I know that it is sometimes hard for people to understand. Why would I want to work the long hours, sometimes on super short deadlines?

I've always had this urge to draw things. I've wanted to be an illustrator since before I knew what that word was. Some of my earliest memories include drawing on a chalkboard that was on the wall in my room (as well as the wall - sorry mom) when I was a wee tadpole. There was always a great feeling of satisfaction that came with drawing something that I thought was awesome - whether it really was or not- and then showing it off. I've tried to explain this passion that I feel for drawing to people as a fire that I feel inside my chest.  I can actually physically feel it. It's something that needs to come out. I can't NOT draw. I know that I probably sound like a crazy person saying it. But it's true.

I like the challenge of creating a drawing. Visually telling a story or getting a likeness to look like the person it's supposed to be - it's all a challenge.  Opening up an email with a new photo to make into an Unselfie, getting a call from a new client about an assignment; it's like opening up a present. No matter how many times I do it, it's always different. I never know whats coming my way. It keeps me on my toes. It never gets boring.

I'm extremely lucky and eternally grateful to be able to turn that passion, that fire within into a living. I really love what I do. And  I am happy.

So the answer is "No".

I am not tired of it.  :)