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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


Whirlwinds and Tradewinds

Michele Melcher

I try and keep this blog mostly about my illustration work. That being said, in order not to sound like a used car salesman or a robot, you really do need a balance work talk and real life adventure.

Anyhoo – I had some crazy deadlines all through June and really didn’t have the time for much of anything. 20+ days straight of 14-15 sometimes 16 hour days left little time for a social life or even simple things like grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Lets just say that we pretty much lived in squalor and ate out of Wawa for about a month. I am super grateful and thankful for all of the work but everyone needs a break to re-charge or you burn out.

I pretty much went from super pressure deadline to vacation. An old friend of Brian’s was getting married in Tortola, BVI this past weekend so we took a whirlwind 4 day trip to attend the wedding and just got back last night. It was a crazy amount of traveling in and out of customs, catching planes,ferries and water taxis and wacky open air pickup truck land taxis but it was a ton of fun! We snorkeled, ate fancy and not so fancy food and soaked up the scenery. It is beautiful and wild there. From what hear, much less built up and commercialized than the USVI.

For the wedding, we had the opportunity to stay at the West end of Tortola, at a private 9 cottage resort named Frenchmans on Frenchmans Cay. Gorgeous views of the Sir Francis Drake Channel where we went snorkeling and saw some of the most beautiful underwater life imaginable. Brian mentioned that no matter where you are everything is in constant motion around you because of the 24-7 trade wind breezes. I still feel like my body is moving from the currents while we were snorkeling. All in all, it was a pretty amazing trip.

friendly and it was all very chill. We all spent a lot of time hanging out on the beach under sun and moon, having cocktails, chatting about life and enjoying our time there. I feel very lucky and grateful to have experienced it. Life is good. The trip was a perfect end to the crazy frenzy that had been June.

For the next few days I’m jumping right back into a few projects before heading to the beaches of Maryland this weekend. I LOVE the summer time!