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5937 Carversville Road
Doylestown, PA, 18902
United States


Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


My work in Business Insider – Techstars Office Tour!

Michele Melcher

Are you a fan?

Are you a fan?

I while back I was asked by one of my fun web tech clients to help out with a surprise mission: Illustrate an avatar portrait of one of his friends in the tech industry to be printed as stickers and secretly spread around amongst business peers as a prank until noticed. The subject? co-founder Jesse Lamb. “Fan of @JesseLamb” stickers quickly spread like wildfire, donning laptops and work stations far and wide. The prank went over well and gained so much popularity that it was just noted in the Business Insider write up on the Techstars Office Tour.

The resemblance, its...UNCANNY!

The resemblance, its...UNCANNY!