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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


The Walking Dead™

Michele Melcher

AMC’s series, “The Walking Dead”*, is best thing on television, period. Then again, I’m partial to zombies and other spooky stuff. After waiting all year for season 2, the premiere is finally upon us (yay!) and I am looking forward to another string of thrilling, edge-of-seat Sunday nights.

I created this promotion to coincide with the season 2 premiere of the show and Halloween because that is a few short weeks away. I’m sending an email and a print campaign with this image to my clients and potential clients. If you are an art director and would like to be added to my contact list or want a printed piece, hit me up!

Here are a few detail crops of the illustration:
Main character Rick Grimes, played on the show by actor Andrew Lincoln.

Rick Grimes, played by actor, Andrew Lincoln

Rick Grimes, played by actor, Andrew Lincoln

And some of them pesky critters that everyone who breathes on the show is trying their best to avoid. They sure are hungry

Glowing Eyes

Glowing Eyes