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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


2018 Gallery Shows

Michele Melcher


As you may know, I have been participating in gallery shows along side my illustration work for some time now. I wanted to give a heads up on the galleries that I am working with so far this year. It is only March and there are some other events that are currently in the works so this list will change and I will update it as soon as I have more information. Thank you!


"SWEET SHOP" - Opening 5/12/18 Gristle Gallery, NY


"CULT OF MEOW II" - Opening 9/8/18 Gristle Gallery, NY


"KILLING JAR" - Opening 10/20/18 Gristle Gallery, NY

"All These Witches" - Opening 10/5/18, Crucible Gallery

"TBA" - PRIMER Gallery, Lambertville NJ


"Trading Card Art Show II" - Opening 12/1/18, Gristle Gallery NY






Smart Phone Separation Anxiety - for Washingtonian Magazine

Michele Melcher

Smart Phone Separation Anxiety

Smart Phone Separation Anxiety

Here is an illustration that I did for the February issue of Washingtonian Magazine. The Article, written by Courtney Vinopal, is about how many summer camps ban electronics, creating both happy and unhappy campers and parents.  Thanks to Kellie at Washingtonian for the Art Direction!

Website update, oil painting news.

Michele Melcher

Renewal. Oil on panel. 2018

Renewal. Oil on panel. 2018

As some of you may already know, last fall I began teaching myself to paint with oils. It is something that I never thought that I would be able to do...they take so long to dry, I hated working with acrylics, painted for years in watercolor, didn't want colors to mix into mud, didn't want to have to start know, all of the self imposed excuses why I WOULDN'T be able do it.

Anyway, I chilled out, watched a couple of Youtube tutorials, bought some Liquin (a brand name dryer) to speed up the process and after a little trial and error, to my surprise, started painting. And now it is all that I think about.

Many of these are small mementomori  type studies. I wanted to start out by doing simple skulls and such to get used to the medium and how the paint works. SURPRISE! I've already sold some, and have a gallery show lined up this summer (TBA).

Now that I have more than 1 or 2 decent paintings, I have made a new section on the site under Fine Art called "Oil Paintings" where you can see them. I'll update it regularly, when there is a piece that is worthy of adding. Thanks for looking!


"Stop Telling Women and Girls to Smile" - illustration for Main Line Today.

Michele Melcher

Smile, Honey!

Smile, Honey!

This illustration for the article, "Stop Telling Women and Girls to Smile", by Katie Kohler is for the February/March issue of Main Line Today.  I personally do not know any woman who has not had to deal with a man giving unwarranted and unwelcome "helpful and well intended advice" of this sort at one time or another. From the article:

"Smile, honey. You would be prettier if you smiled," is one of the first interactions I remember having with a "stranger." It's not that I was a miserable kid, quite the contrary. I was happy...and still am but I don't have a perma-pageant grin glued to my face.

Over the years, it has happened to myself and others who are approached by a usually older male telling us to smile. I've had this happen while carrying out trays full of food during dinner service when I was a server and recently, when I waited for a press conference to start and was going through my notes.

I have never seen a man being told to smile. But women who don't are often accused of "resting bitch face."