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Michele Melcher Illustration, Philadelphia based illustrator, artist, painter.


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UPDATED : 2018 Gallery shows

Michele Melcher

Work it girl...

Work it girl...

Some updates to my show calendar for 2018:


"GRAPHITE" - Opening 6/14/18  6- 10 PM True Love Art Gallery and Tattoo. 1525 Summit Ave, Seattle Washington


"CULT OF MEOW II" - Opening 9/8/18 Gristle Gallery.  26 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211


"KILLING JAR" - Opening 10/20/18 Gristle Gallery. 26 Bushwick Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

"All These Witches" - Opening 10/5/18, Crucible Gallery

"TBA" - PRIMER Gallery, Lambertville NJ


"Trading Card Art Show II" - Opening 12/1/18, Gristle Gallery NY







United We Stand - Downloadable Art!

Michele Melcher

I have many thoughts on the past week's events. As an artist, it's much easier for me to make a statement drawing than it is writing. It also means that I can create things that that might make someone's day a little brighter. So I made this illustration for you.

America is already great and we all know right from wrong. Feel free to download this artwork, share it or print it out. Print size for small posters at 12"x17.5 inches 300 DPI and low res 72DPI version for web.

United We Stand - Hi Res 300 DPI

United We Stand - Hi Res 300 DPI

United We Stand - Low Res 72 DPI

United We Stand - Low Res 72 DPI

A Well Executed Print Campaign.

Michele Melcher

I try to send out email campaigns to existing and prospective clients twice a month (more or less depending on my schedule) and then follow up with a print campaign once or twice a quarter. I think it's really important to reach people with print because email can so easily go straight to the trash or spam folder and then quickly be forgotten. Many prospective clients are so busy that they don't want to receive emails at all. Getting a physical printed piece in the mail is different than getting an email, it gives an art director something to hang on to and if they really like it they might file it away and contact you for a future assignment. I usually get at least one or two jobs after I send out a printed piece so it is worth the time,money energy that I put into it.

A few weeks back I put together an email and coinciding print campaign with my "Good Bad and Ugly" presidential portraits. I usually send out a postcard but this was a much larger and more expensive mailer. The mailer consisted of four over sized double-sided presidential postcards, a note, a business card and my very own "presidential" Melcher 2016 campaign sticker. All inside a brown grocery bag stock envelope with my crossed stylus logo sticker on the back.  It was a lot of work and money but I've gotten a great response from it so far. Several art directors even emailed me kudos - which was really nice. I know how freaking busy they are and taking the time out of their schedules to say that the cards brightened their days was totally worth it for me.

I created a small gallery of snapshots from the whole process. Click through it to see all of the photos and the GIGANTIC  (and heavy) boxes of envelopes at the end!